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Who has mental health issues?

Political schizophrenia – the mental disorder underlying compulsive u-turns by the Chief Minister is the most dreaded ailment. Since it adversely impacts the people at large, he needs to be medically examined to save Goa from a calamity by this unstable mind.

Aires Rodrigues, Panjim
April 19, 2013


-1 #1 anthony löpes 2013-04-30 10:08
yes it is very true this man is definately un stable in his mind constantly fending for his collegues and yes they lack the basic knowledge to respond and visiting silly politicians for silly opening ribbon cutting ceremonies and unwanted politicians daughters birthdays and yes the man has too many things on his mind and that is the reason we are now facing what you call U turns.one year has gone by and we have seen end number of U turns hopefully his men now have learnt the strings and hopefully will give him some space now to function normally.....wi thouts U turns

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