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The police were petrified

November 4 – 10, 2013

Team GS

Nigerians rioting in GoaThe Goa police chief’s defense of his police, that had they acted against the Nigerians, the rioting would have got worse, is indefensible. It is a lie, the police were scared stiff.  The pictures in the local dailies tell the full story exposing even the physical difference (height, upper body strength) between the rioting Nigerians most of whom are thugs in one way or the other, and the Goa police, all of whom joined the force to make easy money.  It’s why you join the Goa Police, plain and simple.  Country and Constitution be damned.

In June 2013, when rioting Goans laid siege to the Colva Police station demanding the police hand over the eight tourists from Indore who kidnapped a minor girl from Benaulim, police lobbed tear gas shells, fired in the air and lathicharged the mob which we agree was larger.  Had the police acted in this way on that shameful October 31 day, the Nigerians would have calmed down and police disgrace turned to honour.

Cut to February 2010: A gram sabha had to be called on a Sunday at Morjim to discuss the death of Ravi Shetgaonkar, a taxi driver.  He died after he was attacked by a Russian, running a bar and restaurant in this beach village.  Look around, ill-manned male Indian tourists taking a leak on public roads, walking around shirtless (foreigners included) in villages, with scant respect for the law, locals and the police is a common sight.  It’s out there in the public domain, Goa and police will tolerate the rudest and crudest behaviour.  In south Goa it is not uncommon on see groups of yuppie Indian tourists on hired bikes crowding NH-17, simply because they refuse to behave themselves.

License to misbehave

The police turning a blind eye to their rude behavior was declared official last month when the Director General of Police Kishan Kumar said the “needless harassment of tourists driving two-wheelers and cars in Goa was creating a bad image".  Kumar’s diktat: "We will take the harshest measures against police officers who indulge in such matters".   In an unprecedented move he appealed to tourists to write to him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  In 2006, the then Director General of Police Ujwal Mishra, whom the then Home Minister Ravi Naik shunted out, told us clearly that the Goa Police force have for long been told to be “nice” to tourists.

We quote here excerpts of an article titled “Why are there so many Israeli ex-soldiers in India?” published on the New Statesman January 15, 2013 edition: “Meanwhile, beach shacks have been known not to serve Indians.  Whole parts of Goa are being bought up surreptitiously by Russians and Israelis. The Indian government is concerned.  Chief Minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar, was emphatic about not tolerating Russian and Israeli enclaves in his state and accused them of concealing drug dens.  An Indian MP Shantaram Naik, accused the Israelis of “occupying Goa” and indulging in shady business activities.  An exasperated branch of the Catholic Church in Goa issued a statement accusing young ex-Israeli soldiers in Goa of being “dehumanised” after their compulsory stint in the army”.

In November 2009 Lion Roars wrote about how the then Director General of Police Bhim Singh Bassi and the then Inspector General of Police KD Singh organized a Rusian belly dance sizzle (including Belgians) at the inauguration of the new police station at Anjuna as not being “indecent.”  Singh actually said he saved the taxpayer Rs 3,00,000 by him and his boss bringing the belly dancers for free.  Bassi who perhaps likes to play Russian Roulette, once infamously said “going to casinos is like going to temples or churches’.  Then, of course Parrikar bit his head off.

Obnoxious Russian, offensive Israelis, bad-mannered domestic tourists.  Bring it on, mild-mannered Goans can take it.


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Well brought out facts!

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