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Big industry to get 40 per cent more land

July 22-28, 2013

Team GS

The Goa Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) whom chief minister Manohar Parrikar remote controls has declared it will henceforth give “big industry” 40 per cent more land in industrial estates for new projects, as against the earlier allotment of 20 per cent for this category.  Parrikar made the announcement himself claiming “good companies” came to Goa asking for land.  It is understood that 10,000 sq m is the size of land the big industries coming to Goa want.  The government will now have to amend the GIDC Plot Allotment Regulations, 2012 for this to happen.  Though GIDC was not clear, it is understood that “big industry” could also mean establishing special projects in industry and or, big investment.

We Say…

As it stands Parrikar, normally quite lucid on what he says, did not sound so this time.  For one thing he did not reveal the name of the “good companies” coming to Goa which would have better supported his thinking on the subject, instead of just quantifying the area of the land.  Neither did he reveal the formula used to arrive at the figure or, the criteria, if any, that was used to come to such a conclusion.  Because, the idea of offering a predetermined amount of land is perhaps unprecedented in India even in smaller states, all of which are far larger than Goa and with land to spare.  It might also set a dangerous precedent because companies who had no intention of coming to Goa might now change their minds and readjust their requirements for the opportunity of big land in Goa.

When the Infotech Corporation of Goa Ltd., tendered for prospective entrepreneurs, the responses it got simply added to the growing evidence of what has come to be of Goa.  Many of the respondents were largely real estate developers and if Goanspirit recalls correctly, there was one envelope with an unsigned cheque towards the EMD (earnest money deposit).  Of the 37 applications received for allotment of plots, 19 were IT firms and 18 real estate developers. Nine developers were actually allotted plots.  A total of 23 applications were eventually rejected which says a lot.  Most importantly, Venkatrao Infra projects (a hot favourite of this government) who did not submit a proper application and project report initially was allotted a plot.

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Margao Market: There's no free lunch

July 8 -14, 2013

Pushpa Iyengar

Once more public interest has been overlooked for political interest.  With market vendors, particularly fish vendors unhappy, the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) deferred pay parking again on July 1 at the Margao market which is a chaos of vehicles because customers park any which way to indulge their selfish interest of darting in to buy their daily needs.

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St George's Island

Navy's getting cocky

June 10-16,2013

Team GS

If the Goa government does not allow the navy to take possession of St George island off Baina beach, then the state will have to be responsible for security of the aircraft flying path above the island, navy officials have told state government representatives. The flag officer commanding Goa, Rear Admiral BS Parhar told a daily that the navy wants possession of the island for security reasons as the flying path of planes using Dabolim airport passes above St George island.  Parhar quoted a two-year old intelligence bureau (IB) report recommending the island’s takeover for security reasons. The issue came up for discussion again on Wednesday at a joint meeting convened by the government along with representatives of the navy.

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Nuvem church

A church that has seen better days

June 24-30, 2013
Team GS

The Confraria of Santissimo Sacramento e Nossa Senhora dos Mae dos Pobres is one of the two main parishioner-driven institutions of Nuvem’s Mae dos Pobres church.  And although it continues to exercise all the rights and duties of this church as per decree (CP-DC/150/82 dt November 8, 1982), they have been ignored by the church authorities according to parishioners and Confraria members who spoke to Goanspirit.  According to them, the Confraria had in the past taken care of the maintenance repairs of the church as also construction works that were carried out from time to time. 
Now they say as a result of the church authorities sidelining them, the upkeep of the church has been neglected and requires urgent repairs and maintenance.  This they say has happened because the church authorities, in particular Fr. Alvaro Martins, the parish priest subsequently transferred to Our Lady of Rosary church in Fatorda, have chosen to work with the Fabrica de Igreja de Mae dos Pobres instead which gave Fr. Martins a free hand to do whatever he pleased.  According to one parishioner Zarina Da Cunha “the concrete canopy at the entrance is considerably weakened and could pose a danger to people.”

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m v horseshoe

This Horseshoe is not so lucky, yet

May 27- June 2, 2013

Team GS

It’s classic doublespeak but while one is keeping his counsel, the other appears to have foot in the mouth disease.  Delta Corp Ltd’s website says ‘Casino Horseshoe’ is ‘coming soon’.  But if one has to believe Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, just because Horseshoe, sailed in last Sunday, to replace Casino Caravela, which was berthed in the River Mandovi, it did not mean that the licence was transferrable.  So is he saying he won’t grant a licence?  No, he is just indulging in quotable quotes, but what is widely expected is that Horseshoe will “quietly” be inducted as Delta’s third casino.  Delta already holds three of the five operational offshore casino licences in Goa.

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