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Portuguese Passports

Ticlo’s double whammy and a can of worms

December 9-15, 2013

Team GS

The Portuguese passport issue has taken on a life of its own and is scorching everyone and their children who used it as a springboard to get into Europe.  Never mind whether Glen Ticlo is the MLA of the Goa Legislative Assembly representing the Aldona assembly constituency, the question now is whether he is an Indian citizen at all.  So logically he should be deported, but the big question is where to because he has been described as “stateless” after having cancelled his Portuguese links in January this year. The ticklish question here is, did Ticlo double whammy himself?

And what about, south Congress leader Churchill Alemao, who started the whole debate on Benaulim MLA Caitu Silva’s citizenship issue, so that his daughter Valanka could step in as the legislator or even he himself (if there’s a by-election) because he’s planning to step back into the ring.  Touche' Churchill because he is now grappling with the classic case of pointing one finger and having the remaining four fingers directed at him.  Of course, in his case, not only is he himself  under a cloud because his marriage was registered in Portugal, but all his children, barring Valanka are in no-man’s land, literally.  According to Elvis Gomes, Caitu’s aide, “Churchill has registered his marriage in Portugal.  His wife, son Savio and daughters Sara, Wanda, Sharon and Aninha are now all Portuguese citizens after they got their births registered in Portugal in 2009”.  Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive, as Sir Walter Scot said in his poem “Marmion” in 1808.

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Nigerians in India

Nigerians, rid yourselves of them before it’s too late

November 11-17, 2013

Team GS

Nigeria has expressed “disappointment” about the profiling of its citizens in India as being involved in drugs and also has hinted that if the alleged murder of the Nigerian here “is not handled properly” things could “backfire back home and we won’t be able to help”. That’s a threat, and not even veiled. That apart, Nigeria should acknowledge the track record of its citizens here. And the examples of criminality we have documented mainly are this year alone! Make no mistake many of the Nigerians living in a few cities in the country are a dubious lot.  In fact, the world over, they have a history steeped in crime and drugs.  The Nigerian online phishing racket is probably popping up on your computer even as you read this article.  It has lured many innocent people into parting with their hard earned savings and is mostly based in Mumbai.

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Yaniv Benahim alias Atala

Question marks about the drug committee

October 21 -27, 2013

Team GS

While not holding a brief for former home minister Ravi Naik, who was indicted by the House Committee last week, “for closing his eyes to the drug trade and drug mafia”, sources have pointed out that there was nothing kosher about some of the members of the committee.

The House committee was formed a year ago amidst whispers of a nexus between politicians, drug peddlers and policemen, something the 96-page report says is the case.

First of all it was headed by Goa Vikas Party and Nuvem legislator Mickky Pacheco, who was arrested in July 2010 by the Goa police after being accused of culpable homicide in connection with the death of Nadia Torrado, whom he described as a “close friend”.  At the time of his arrest, Ravi Naik was the home minister.

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Nigerians rioting in Goa

The police were petrified

November 4 – 10, 2013

Team GS

The Goa police chief’s defense of his police, that had they acted against the Nigerians, the rioting would have got worse, is indefensible. It is a lie, the police were scared stiff.  The pictures in the local dailies tell the full story exposing even the physical difference (height, upper body strength) between the rioting Nigerians most of whom are thugs in one way or the other, and the Goa police, all of whom joined the force to make easy money.  It’s why you join the Goa Police, plain and simple.  Country and Constitution be damned.

In June 2013, when rioting Goans laid siege to the Colva Police station demanding the police hand over the eight tourists from Indore who kidnapped a minor girl from Benaulim, police lobbed tear gas shells, fired in the air and lathicharged the mob which we agree was larger.  Had the police acted in this way on that shameful October 31 day, the Nigerians would have calmed down and police disgrace turned to honour.

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Poder in Goa

Put your money where your mouth is

October 7-13, 2013

Team GS

The poder is celebrated as one of Goa’s icons.  Reams are written, poems are composed, lavish praise is rained down on one of Goa’s remaining traditional vignettes.  However, no one is willing to put their money where the mouth is.  Least of all the government, whose promised subsidy scheme that was launched on June 24 this year by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, has been mere lip service.  And before that, no government has done anything for them.

According to the scheme, the government will give a cash subsidy of Rs 4 per kg for the purchase of the first 50 kg of maida and Rs 2 for the purchase of up to 100 kg of maida.  For those buying above 100 kg, the government had promised to pay Rs 1 per kg.  Parrikar even said, “I think the young generation today is reluctant to continue the business of the family.  Once the Goa Traditional Bakers (Poder) Subsidy Scheme is on track, we can think of another scheme for modernization of the traditional bakery.”

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