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Mountain of a Mole Hill!

Remember the hill that came crashing down at Porvorim, and caused an upheaval in your travel routine. In Goa landslides can be advantageous for some.  Your misfortune at Porvorim turned out to be a tidy fortune for many who cleaned up the man-made mess.  As of October 17, 2008 (there is more to this) Sneha Engineering of Duler, Mapusa was paid Rs 87,06,578 to remove the soil and debris that came tumbling down. 

The other beneficiary of this mudslide is NB Dhargalkar of Muquem, Cuncolim who bid Rs 1,23,49,112 to build protection measures on the road side embankment including constructing a retaining wall exactly 600 metres long.  To be precise, from the Km. 1/200 point to the Km. 1/800 point on the highway.

Back to Books

Trying to unlock the mysteries of the Central Library at Patto Plaza, Panjim, I was offered this spiel by the Directorate of Art & Culture (DAC).  I report verbatim: “Construction work of the new building was initiated by the Directorate of Education and the initial plans were submitted by the Central Library in consultation with library professionals to the Directorate of Education.  Further, Goa State Industrial Development Corporation (GSIDC) had also consulted eminent library professionals in this regard.”  After all these years, I thought I was better than the enemy at this Right to Information (RTI) stuff.  I am humbled.  I never thought of asking this bleeding question: “Please give the names of all the well-known, renowned, distinguished and famous librarians you consulted?” Then of course, their reply could have run like this:  “We did not consult any librarians, we only consulted library professionals.”  RTI, as you can see also means Right to Ignore.

I asked what books will be kept at the Central Library, the answer: “Encyclopedias, handbooks, conference proceedings, yearbooks, manuals, law books, general reading books like novels, dramas, poetries, memoirs, humour, letters, biographies, basic books on engineering, science, architecture, social studies, psychology, religion, economics, political science, education, public administration, commerce, customs and tradition, management, house building, sculptures, music, sports, philosophy, history and geography along with maps, charts, CDs and DVDs.”  Phew!

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