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Reading Habit – Final

Here’s another perplexing item on the Central Library.  The land on which it is being built was first acquired for the Education Department.  It was later transferred to the Directorate of Art & Culture (DAC) – I am not sure if at that point in time, the Education Department also sold them the idea (at the behest of a certain master puppeteer; after all departments don’t question, they just obey) of building the Central Library.

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Reading Habit?

It boggles the mind.  When the political class, want to make money they get inventive, very inventive. Remember, despite Goans not being great film buffs, they smothered us with the International Film Festival of India (IFFI).  Despite all the reels they give us about making IFFI more about films and less about glitzy entertainment, IFFI turned out to be just that, ritzy glamour. 

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Garden of Eden - II

The Main Opera

Last week you read how Rs 1,59,68,204 is being spent to renovate an existing footpath that no one uses because it is on the creek side of Rua De Ourem in Panjim; and also an existing garden that does not exist.  Nobody walks on that side because each and every building or public utility is on the other side and as a result protects pedestrians from the sun.  It therefore makes no sense renovating that side. What should also surprise you is the fact that GSIDC did not think it was necessary to consult the Town and Country Planning Department.  Because it says there was no construction involved. It just went ahead on a whim.

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Garden of Eden – 1

You need to have an imagination for what I am about to reveal, something you undoubtedly have.  You just got to have it in Goa.  Visualize just how little it would take to renovate a garden of 570 sq m.  Then imagine, your government is currently spending Rs 1,59,68,204.24 to renovate it because of the Panjim MLA Manohar Parrikar(now Chief Minister).  That’s a steep Rs 28,014 per sq. mt. 

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Garden of Eden – Final

Last week you read how Rs 1,59,68,204 tax money is at this moment being wasted on a project mysteriously called ‘renovation of the garden at Rua De Ourem’ in Panjim.  There is no garden really, but that’s old hat now.  You also read how a cable duct is being built at a cost of Rs 77 lakh but whose real purpose is to showcase it to various agencies.

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