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Health security concerns?

Who is it trying to keep away or, is the Directorate of Health Services actually trying to prevent someone/something escaping from within its walls? The department hired 280 guards, 6 security supervisors and 3 security officers to guard its 28 establishments, 22 of which are public health centres.


But considering the public complaints against these centres, it would seem that none of them really warrant the kind of security they get. I am unable to comprehend why the TB Hospital in Margao requires 30 security guards and 3 security supervisors when the Cottage Hospital in Chicalim, Dabolim has only 6 guards. Or why another establishment in Margao, the Hospicio Hospital has to be guarded by 30 guards, 3 security supervisors and 3 security officers. Does it mean that Margao is more prone to robberies or as the good doctor would say ‘theft sensitive’? Bad enough, that the department had to deploy all the 9 security supervisors and officers at these two establishments. If you have dared to visit these ill equipped and poorly managed health institutions, what’s your diagnosis? But guess what? The total expenditure on this between January 1, 2008 and May 5, 2009 is Rs 198.10 lakh. No need to guess this time, but the beneficiary is a Delhi registered company called G4S Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Yeah, it’s always Dilli.


Rane ODed!

Is the health department on an overdose of compassion? Vishwajit Rane’s insistence that the department and the Goa Medical College give insulin free of cost might set back their budgeting by several years. Already his deliberate misreading of the issue of GMC doctors insisting on prescribing ‘so-called’ better medicines allegedly not stocked at GMC, has forced patients to buy these prescribed drugs from outside. The so-called patient outcry on there being no proper medicines at GMC is born from this and nothing else. First there’s a bit of explanation that is in order here. Patients at GMC only seem to ‘want the best medicines’. So, they are obliged by doctors more than willing to oblige multinational pharmaceuticals who – and this is public knowledge now – are willing to spend big bucks on junkets for these docs to faraway Switzerland even or, hold posh ‘seminars’ where everyone lets their hair down, and all expenses paid. In fact, because of Rane’s insistence some of these drugs are being bought from outside. And, as we know for sure now, Rane has the guts to only bully female nurses, not the doctors, who should be ticked off for not sticking to the GMC’s WHO (World Health Organization) essential drug list that I am told reliably, GMC strictly adheres to. In fact, I am told that GMC dispenses medicines valued at Rs 1.50 lakh on a daily basis. And who are the beneficiaries? Nearly mostly migrant labourers, the army’s soldiers and if you spend time in the GMC’s parking lot, you will find ambulances driving even from faraway Sawantwadi. Yeah, do that, it will cure you of some of your mental blocks about some of the GMC’s harassed staff and medicos.


Rane, an Anbumani-clone?

Is Vishwajit Rane another Anbumani Ramadoss in the making? The fact that the former is Goa’s current health minister and the latter is India’s former health minister is all that is not common between them. They both orchestrated “surprise” visits to hospitals and suspended hapless staff. A nurse was shown the door after Rane dramatically pulled off a sheet at Goa Medical College recently to reveal a hole. The nurses were on the warpath. Both scions of political families have courted controversy and just like Ramadoss who had a running battle with the chief of AIIMS, Vishwajeet too has rubbed the dean of GMC the wrong way as a result of which Dr. V N Jindal has sought voluntary retirement.

What next? Like Anbumani, will Rane go on to rub celebs the wrong way so he can get publicity?


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