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Lion Roars - 3

April 29 - May 5,2013

Brokered ideas

It’s beginning to tell.  Either his grey cells have failed him and therefore the minister for tourism Dilip Parulekar can’t think straight or, he is simply waiting for all those consultants his government appointed or intends to appoint to rescue him from his inertia.  Either way Goa will be the loser because, going by past events even this paid for wisdom has not paid dividends.  This is the best example of what I am saying.  The foundation stone laying ceremony of the “Baga Beach Tourism Destination Development” performed on April 25, 2013, was planned during the tenure of Agnelo Fernandes, the former Calangute MLA.  Fernandes laid that foundation stone on September 2, 2011 to be precise.

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Lion Roars - 2

April 22-28, 2013

Mining doesn’t help Goans

They keep telling us how the tourism industry is our savior notwithstanding our firm dependence on St Francis Xavier.  They said the same about the mining industry, only we discovered that some of the biggest gainers were a few of the men who turn out as your duly elected MLAs, and particularly even those who contested and lost.  The thousands that get the fringe jobs because of the mining industry are largely migrant workers.  Many of the barge owners too are non-Goans or politicians with deep pockets.  And that goes for the barge crew too.  Point is the tourism industry really doesn’t help you and I, the real aam aadmi.  In other words, we the people without the SUVs, pony tails, designer clothes, Page 3 mentions and that swagger that comes with piles of cash.

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Lion Roars - 1

April 15 -21, 2013

Mopa(ian) size land acquisition in the offing?

Goanspirit learns that there is a written proposal in the in tray in the office of the Collector, north Goa, put there by the Padmashri Vamanrao Sardesai Trust which wants land for its proposed Vedanta Institute.  No, this is not that Vedanta that plunders Mother Earth to make its billions, but an institute which fosters the propagation of Vedas.  What is worrisome to GS is that this government will acquire someone’s land somewhere, as we learn that the proposal is being deliberated on by it.  So, land owners, brace yourselves for yet another grab on your land.  And say a quick prayer in the interim that this latest requirement will not be of a Mopa-ian size land grab.

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