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Living to eat - 5

Make a meal of it

But first imagine 40 more fortune hunters.  Ram Niwas Mirdha, chairman of the National Akademi of Music, Dance and Drama was singing a different tune.  Or, was he dancing to one?  Imagine increasing the current strength of 40 MLAs to 80 fortune-hunters to avoid the constant toppling games?

  How will another 40 constituencies be carved out?  The only way I can think of is reclaiming land from the sea with all the iron ore rejects that are clogging up the hinterland, but that might be too expensive.  Already, from two expenses totaling Rs 75,891 mentioned below, good money was apparently spent dining the delimitation commission and this is only one element of what could be a whopping expenditure.  So, imagine the cost of creating 40 more corporations for them to head, feeding and flying another bunch of spendthrifts around; plus the cost of reclaiming 40 more constituencies from the sea?

DS Negi, Chief Secretary

04.05.04 dinner for secy, Ministry of Labour, GOI, Goa Marriott Rs 17,720.

14.05.04 dinner for central observers, senior officers, Mandovi Rs 32,831.

01.06.04 dinner for RC Sinha, advisor to Goa government, Cidade Rs 16,418.

14.06.04 lunch for RBI officials, Nova Goa Rs 1,800.

18.06.04 dinner for ex-DGP Seva Dass and others, Mandovi Rs 14,458.

05.07.04 dinner for Rajeev Verma, IAS, Goa Marriott Rs 21,213 + gifts Rs 845.

23.08.04 dinner for Rajya Sainik Board, Mandovi Rs 5,802.

01.09.04 dinner for secy, I&B, GOI, Fort Aguada –no details.

10.06.04 dinner for dignitaries, Cidade de Goa Rs 24,674.

12.09.04 dinner for ITTB review meeting, Goa Marriott Rs 26,510.

14.09.04 dinner Justice Kuldip Singh, BB Tandon, Election Commission, Cidade Rs 20,774.

15.09.04 lunch for Japanese delegation, water supply and sanitation, Cidade Rs 20,673.

21.09.04 dinner for Murdhup Vyas, addl collectior, Meena Chowdhury, SDPO, Cidade Rs 16,471+Rs 650 gifts.

29.08.04 dinner for KG Mathew, secy, Karnataka, Cidade Rs 10,169.

17.11.04 dinner for KP Singh, addl. secy. MHA, Goa Marriott Rs 17,350.

11.12.04 dinner for Krishnamurthy, secy, GA, Fort Aguada Rs 24,393.

13.12.04 dinner for delimitation committee, Goa Marriott Rs 43,526.

28.11.04 farewell dinner for DGP Amol Kanth, Cidade Rs 20,114.

20.12.04 farewell dinner for BS Bhalla, Fort Aguada Rs 21,442.

01.01.05 dinner for Arunachal Pradesh CS, Goa Marriott Rs26,310.

02.01.05 dinner for Ashok Misra, IIT, Mumbai, Goa Marriott Rs22,060.

14.01.05 dinner for GN Pegu, IAS, Goa Marriott Rs10,615.

05.01.05 farewell dinner for LS Shetty, Nova Goa Rs8,865.

Vijay Madan (acting CS)

20.02.05 dinner for delimitation commission, Goa Marriott Rs 32,365.

12.02.05 farewell dinner for DS Negi, Delhi Darbar Rs 4,200.

28.04.05 farewell dinner for Nandini Paliwal, IAS, Goa Marriott Rs 21,658.

Kiran Dhingra, Chief Secretary

20.05.05 farewell lunch for Vijay Madan, DC, Goa Marriott Rs 10,896.

21.05.05 dinner for N. Gopalswami, election commission, Goa Marriott Rs 20,379.

28.05.05 dinner for Tsunami affected footballers of Andaman & Nicobar, Mandovi Rs 28,370.

15.07.05 farewell dinner for Jayashree Raghuraman, revenue secretary, Foodland Rs 11,925.

03.10.05 dinner labour secy, GOI Goa, Marriott Rs 25,215.

09.12.05 farewell dinner for Debashree Mukherjee, Delhi Darbar Rs 28,451.

19.10.05 dinner for Rajya Sainik Board, Mandovi Rs 3,448.

23.12.05 dinner GOI Secretary, Goa Marriott Rs 25,691.

JK Dadoo, as acting CS, but he was the Development Commissioner then

23.11.05 dinner for chairperson, Coconut Development Board, Mandovi Rs 10,659.

13.01.05 dinner for Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy officer, Rajshahi Rs 25,535.

08.08.05 dinner for chairman, Coconut Development Board, Delhi Darbar Rs 7,697.

30.12.05 dinner for IAS trainees FABR Rs 35,100.

19.01.06 lunch for GOI Secretary, Goa Mariott Rs 8,961.

25.01.06 lunch for new CS and 10 Secretaries, Delhi Darbar Rs 8,899.

23.01.06 dinner for GOI secy, Mrs CT Misra, Majestic Rs 10,410.

17.09.05 lunch for PMA Huken, secy, GOI, Cidade Rs 5,243.

22.01.06 farewell dinner for Kiran Dingra, Taj Holiday Village Rs 1,20,850

28.05.06 dinner for National Commission of Religious and Linguistic Minorities, Rajshahi Rs 19.917.

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