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Living to eat - 6

Party time

Wilfred D'Souza

31.08.05 lunch for ruling MLAs, Delhi Darbar Rs 11,813.

19.09.05 lunch for select journalists, O' Coqueiro Rs 30,990.

07.10.05 dinner for an ambassador (unnamed), Cidade de Goa Rs 98,332.


09.12.05 dinner for Chinese delegates, Cidade de Goa Rs 70,726.

14.02.06 dinner for ruling MLAs, O' Coqueiro Rs 20,910.

27.04.06 dinner for 20, O 'Coqueiro Rs 13,195.

17.07.06 lunch for CM, ministers, MLAs, O 'Coqueiro Rs 14,970

24.07.06 lunch for ruling ministers, MLAs, O 'Coqueiro Rs 26,396.

01.11.06 dinner for MD of Soiby Satellite Pvt. Ltd, O 'Coqueiro Rs 3,310.

24.01.07 lunch for MLAs, O 'Coqueiro Rs 26,380 (On the 23rd and 24th Rane and Luizinho Faleiro spent Rs 7,200 and Rs 26,704 entertaining MLAs.)

02.03.07 dinner for 15, O 'Coqueiro Rs 12,920.

07.03.07 lunch for ruling ministers, MLAs, O 'Coqueiro –Rs 31,622.

25.03.07 dinner for seven, O 'Coqueiro Rs 6,768.

Cost of feeding MLAs you rather foolishly voted to power Rs 1,32,091.  Power being the sine qua non here.

Dayanand Narvekar

12.02.05 lunch for VIPs, Hotel Majestic Rs 10,500.

30.07.05 lunch for sarpanches, VIPs, Green Park Rs 10,500.

31.07.05 dinner for select journalists, Mouli Caterers Rs9,000.

17.08.05 dinner for Dr KK Unni, Dr Frank Bertoni, Goa Mariott Rs 31,087.

27.08.05 dinner for doctors, Green Park Rs 10,500.

18.09.05 dinner for VIPs & visiting doctors, O' Coqueiro Rs10,500.

11.11.05 dinner for select journalists, O' Coqueiro Rs 27,000.

17.12.05 dinner for Justice KG Balkrishna, other HC judges, O'Coqueiro Rs 25,500.

22.03.06 lunch for MLAs, O 'Coqueiro Rs 18,645.

20.01.06 dinner for VIPs, Goa Mariott Rs 15,435.

18.01.06 dinner for MCI inspector, others, Goa Mariott Rs 31,252.

22.02.06 dinner for sarpanchas, Green Park Rs 10,500.

10.02.06 dinner for MLA, sarpanchas, panchas ZP members, others, Green Park Rs 35,000.

12.07.06 lunch for ruling ministers, MLAs, O 'Coqueiro Rs 16,360.

28.07.06 lunch for 35, O 'Coqueiro Rs 23,796.

22.09.06 dinner for select journalists, O 'Coqueiro Rs 10,500.

13.12.06 dinner for visiting dignitaries, O 'Coqueiro Rs 10,500.

11.01.07 dinner for Parliamentary Standing Committee, Noah's Ark Rs 1,21.052.

17.02.07 dinner for participants at Goa IT, Goa Mariott Rs 2,03,660.

28.03.07 dinner for sarpanchas, panchas, Green Park Rs 10,500.

14.04.07 dinner for sarpanchas, panchas, O 'Coqueiro Rs 22,905.

04.10.07 dinner for RBI officer Mumbai, International Centre (bill awaited.)

15.12.07 dinner for sarpanchas, panchas, Sirsat Caterer Rs 16,200.

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