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Living to eat -8

The Last Supper

This is the last in the series and I assure there won't be on encore because I am moving on to more meaty things, like the shenanigans elsewhere.  So, keep watching this space.  It was fun determining whether our montris live to eat or eat to live, except of course for my many trips to the Secretariat only to find the official not in his/her seat and for keying in of all those exhaustive details.

  My fingers still hurt and it only increased the chances of my getting carpel tunnel syndrome.  But don't thank me -thank Sonia Gandhi whose idea it was to give Indians the only weapon (The Right to Information Act) we have to fight back, because we still haven't learnt how to use the ballot box to benefit us yet.  Even so, it was a burp-worthy feast for me.

BS Bhalla, chief electoral officer

15.09.04, dinner for BB Tandon, EC, Goa Marriott Rs 13,310

15.12.04, dinner for Delimitation Commission, Goa Marriott Rs 32,260

Debashree Mukherjee, IAS

14.02.04, lunch, World Bank, water and sanitation programme, Cidade de Goa Rs 5,654

07.09.04, lunch for KN Bhandari, Universal Medical Scheme, Goa Marriott Rs 2,504

20.10.04, dinner for Delhi officials, Goa Marriott Rs 2,953

01.04.05, dinner for MCI inspectors, Cidade Rs 29,570

22.08.05, dinner for Japan International Co-operation Agency (no details) Rs13,526

30.09.05, dinner for SK Arora, secy, GoI, Goa Marriott Rs 6,207

LS Shetty, law secretary

04.06.04, lunch for SR Das, Dept of Information Technology, Delhi, Mandovi Hotel Rs 2,475

18.06.04, lunch for law officers of different States, Mandovi Rs 6,427

Ashwani Kumar, secretary (vigilance)

08.04.04, dinner for KL Ahuja, Sandesh Mehta, Central Vigilance Commission, Mandovi Rs 1,261

28.09.05, dinner for SB Bonde, Shilamoth Jadhav Prof Yashada, Mandovi Rs 5,072

Atmaram Nadkarni, Adv. General

24.07.04, lunch seminar on ‘Effective Defence in Govt’, Goa Marriott Rs 41,260.

Amit Yadav, secretary (agriculture)

12.08.04, dinner for Ram Pratap Singh, ICAR, Nova Goa Rs 6,260

01.10.04, dinner Agriculture & Horticulture Produce Conference, Nova Goa Rs 6,995.

The secretary, mines

23.08.05, dinner for Expert Committee (Mining) GoI, Foodland Rs 15,871.

Dharmendra Sharma, commissioner & secretary

11.08.05, dinner for RBI official, Moti Mahal Rs 4,725

12.10.06, dinner for ex-Dy PM, Bulgaria, O'Coqueiro Rs 11,284

11.10.06, dinner for Minister, GoI, O'Coqueiro Rs 11,762

18.11.05, dinner for ICAR Santa Monica and, Shetye Caterers/Circuit House Rs 16,500+57,000

SK Jain, commissioner & secretary

31.08.05, dinner for visiting IAS officers, Goa Marriott Rs 25,418

04.09.05, dinner for Neelam Sawhney jt secy, GoI, Cidade Rs 10,855

Santosh Vaidya, secretary

15.09.05, lunch for education secy, GoI, Goa Marriott Rs 6,777

12.06.06, dinner for secy, WCD, Maharashtra, Hotel Ronil Rs 7,626

23.10.06, dinner for visiting IAS officers, Horel Majestic Rs 20,807

09.03.07, dinner chairman, National Trust, Cidade Rs 28,921

UK Worah, secretary

06.12.05, lunch for Yashada, Pune, Mandovi Rs 7,266

14.11.05, dinner for young US politicians, Goa Marriott Rs 15,210 (on the same day Rane spent Rs 63,000 for the same cause at Fort Aguada.)

RP Pal

30.11.05, dinner for Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy officer, Goa Marriott Rs 27,533.

29.06.06, dinner for director, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Delhi Darbar Rs 19,800.

M. Modassir

02.10.07, dinner for Ministry of Agriculture advisors, Cidade Rs 47,135.

Ramesh Negi, finance secy

16.06.06, lunch for Planning Commission, Majorda Beach Resort Rs 11,025.

09.02.07, lunch for all secretaries, Evaluation Committee, Member for International Connection Centre, Goa Marriott Rs 20,081

03.06.07, dinner for Election Commission observers, Cidade Rs 36,823

06.06.07, dinner for EC observers, Barcolento Rs 75,080

Anand Prakash, development commissioner

25.04.07, dinner for MCI inspectors, Mandovi Rs 20,902

16.05.07, dinner for MCI inspectors, Mandovi Rs 18,804

13.07.07, lunch for Autonomous Management Committee, Goa Marriott Rs 7,858

27.12.07, lunch for committee for restoration of Santa Anne's Church, Talaulim, Cidade Rs 6,265

The Government’s food bill so far:

Digambar Kamat Rs 36,47,744

Pratapsing Rane Rs 39,72,941

Manohar Parrikar Rs 12,05,515

Vishwajit Rane Rs 84,788

Alexio Sequeira Rs 1,03,590

Luizinho Faleiro Rs 2,69,900

Micky Pacheco Rs 2,37,426

Subhash Shirodkar Rs 3,69,207

Atanasio Monserrate Rs 31,310

Joaquim Alemao Rs 3,82,028

Suresh Amonkar Rs 1,07,879

Pandurang Madkaikar Rs 17,319

Ravi Naik Rs 1,64,376

Ramkrishna Dhavlikar Rs 1,19,660

Jose Philip D'Souza Rs 1,13,515

Filipe Neri Rodrigues Rs 23,820

Dayanand Mandrekar Rs 12,480

J P Singh, IAS Rs 16,61,290

DS Negi, IAS Rs 4,25,683

Vijay Madan, IAS Rs 58,223

Kiran Dhingra, IAS Rs 1,54,375

JK Dadoo Rs 2,53,271

Add above Rs 7,07,062

Total Rs 1,41,23,402

Period researched is April 2004 to 2007.




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