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Luxuries for Ministers - II

Dhavlikar's Dubious deeds

Calling the kettle black

The Transport Minister Ramakrishna Dhavlikar has warned that if the government reneged on the contract awarded to Shimnit Utsch India Pvt. Ltd.,

to supply high security number plates, it ‘would have to pay through its nose’ the liquidated damages that would become payable to Shimnit. Boohoo. Of course, no figures were given to back the claim. There never are. On the contrary, the men responsible for not understanding the factors before they signed on the dotted line, might also be up for a bloody nose. Because, this is the way things are done in Government. In the business world, it’s called ‘backward integration’. In government, it works like this; first you swallow a huge dose of vitamin M. Fortified, you promise the sun and moon; and when inevitably you end up in the doghouse you backtrack, simultaneously threatening all sides. It happened with SEZs and is happening with the floating casinos. But expect more on this because Manohar Parrikar has a few tricks up his sleeve, so do some more concerned citizens from out of State, because there is much Dhavlikar does not know about the high security registration plates.


Talking about paying through the nose, between February 2005 to February 2009 your Government spent Rs 46,18,467 as legal fees paid to various lawyers in Dilli to defend the State before the Supreme Court. This includes some lakhs spent on opposing the petition filed by Dhavlikar challenging his disqualification by the Speaker Pratapsingh Rane.


Dhavlikar should have done his home work before he went gung ho on this one, after all there is this possibility of a bloody nose if the government has to compensate the SEZ applicants, sorry recipients of the government’s goodwill. There’s also this huge problem of the thousand of trucks, cars and even all kinds of two-wheelers with registrations from States like Himachal Pradesh, Dilli (naturally) and of course from Karnataka and Maharashtra that are in Goa almost permanently. These vehicles must be registered in Goa within 11 months. Their owners live here, work here or have businesses in Goa. What is Dhavlikar going to do about them? The answer, is he will ignore them, pretending they don’t exist. In fact, I can see yet another set of rules for Bhaillos and another for Goemkars.


Government goes shopping for Dhavlikar

I came across these details the other day which might interest you. Replacing a ‘garden fitting’ at his official Altinho bungalow cost the same government Rs 1,39,350. Must have been one hell of a garden fitting and unfortunately, I can’t throw more light on this. Replacing an air conditioner cost Rs 35,228. To set up home for him at F-0-1 in Altinho, the government spent Rs 28,924.65 on items like plastic mugs, a gas stove and a mixer grinder. Makes you wonder who took away all the stuff before he moved in. Among the other items the government bought with the Rs 28,924.65 are: double bed sheet set, dust bins, dusters, glasses, thermos flask, spoons, kitchen knife, pressure cooker, dinner plates, cups, pillows, more double bed sheets, bedspreads, towels, pillow covers, and door mats. There’s also this little detail of your government buying him a spanking new Honda City for Rs 8,78,000. I am beginning to think our MLAs richly deserved that salary hike.




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