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Malvan is the maiden to be with

June 3-9, 2013

By Pushpa Iyengar

Malvan is barely 150 kms from Goa, and it has lovely beaches and they are even clean unlike many of north Goa’s beaches.  In fact Sindhudurg district, which shares a border with Goa, has beaches galore – its 121 km coastline has at least 20 beaches which compares with Goa’s 21 that attract sun worshippers from far, far away.

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Goa-Manali bhai bhai

April 15 -21, 2013

Pushpa Iyengar

The best discovery we made about Manali was that almost everyone who works in the hotel industry there has done a stint in the hotel industry in Goa.  In fact, there are people who shut shop during the winter months, when Manali freezes over to come to the sunny climes of Goa.  Sunny, not just literally, but figuratively too because it’s the end of the year when tips are lavish, and jobs are aplenty as Goa kicks into high gear and makes her annual date with bustling tourism.

As an aside, one should say that while the monsoon had enveloped Goa in early July last year when we went on our vacation, Manali was still hot with a promise of rain in a few days.

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