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Made in Goa, but GI elusive

June 24-30, 2013

Pushpa Iyengar

It has been three years since the office of the development commissioner of handicrafts sought GI (geographical indication) for three Goan products – azulejos (painted tiles), crochet and coconut carving – but there has been no forward movement.  Goa’s only contribution to GI status so far has been feni.

While it is estimated that about 50,000 products in India need protection under GI, till September 2010, only 164 (according to Wikipedia 171 by March this year, but some have not yet been included) products figured on the list. However, last month, Tamil Nadu contributed six more products including Madurai malli (jasmine), Pattamadai pai (Pattamadai mat), Nachiarkoil kuthuvilakku (Nachiarkoil lamp), Toda embroidery, Thanjavur veena and Chettinad kottan (palmyra basketry).  A total of 21 products including  Mangalagiri saris and fabrics from Andhra Pradesh, Narayanpet handloom saris and Bangalore blue grapes from Karnataka, Agra durrie (carpet), Farrukhabad prints, Lucknow zardozi (embroidery, especially with gold or silver), shuttle-woven Banaras brocades and saris from Uttar Pradesh got the status from the Chennai-based GI registry.

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Parrikar scripts dark chapter in Goa's history by endorsing Modi

June 17-23, 2013

Samir Kelekar

At the recent BJP National executive that was held at Panjim, Narendra Modi was anointed head of its campaign committee for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Among the senior leaders, it was Parrikar who came out loud and clear in supporting Modi, despite objections by some other senior leaders notably L. K. Advani.

Narendra Modi is the brand name for the infamous 2002 Gujarat riots in which almost a thousand Muslims were killed. It is well known that the omissions on Modi's part were responsible for the riots. And further, though not yet proven in court, there is a strong case for proving a possible orchestration of the riots by Modi himself.

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Waste Management in Germany: Polluter Pays - 1

June 3 -9, 2013

Rainer Lotz

A look at the figures for waste generated by private households in India compared to Germany leads to a startling result: Whereas Germans discharge about 1.26 kg a person per day, in India we have about 0.5 kg a day per head. Yet, Germany even with two and a half times the amount of garbage, still manages to keep the country generally free of littering and of growing landfills where residual waste is disposed.

Shabana Kazi, research associate, Educating Youth for Sustainable Development, TERI, gives some figures on the Goan situation.  As per her estimate, 400 tons of garbage generated per day in the state includes about 200 tons of non-biodegradable waste which largely goes untreated into landfills. And even the other half is hardly used for composting or other recycling procedures. Besides the obvious problem of how to collect and where to dump all the garbage often enough against the will of the affected residents, in whose backyard ‘landfills’ are being created, she deplores that “the current composting and recycling rates are extremely poor in the state rendering waste to remain largely as - waste i.e. a discard, rather than a resource.”http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-01-13/goa/36310799_1_waste-management-municipal-solid-waste-goa-non-biodegradable-garbage

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Waste Management in Germany: Polluter Pays - 2

June 10 - 16, 2013

Rainer Lotz

Littering is rated as a public offence and attracts stiff fines in Germany. The detection of a defunct fridge or a few car tyres left at a road side nowadays is not only stuff for a news item in the local papers but is investigated by the police.

Only a few decades ago, construction rubble and demolition material strewn along paths, fields or in the forests was a common sight. Presently, not only official building debris dumps but construction waste containers are a must at any building site. 90 per cent of the 200 mio.tonnes(emissions are measured in mio tonnes) of construction rubble was recycled which accounts for almost half of the total waste in Germany during 2011.  Even green waste from gardens has to be disposed off at compost works, generally run by the municipalities.

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The Goan Gene in Bollywood movies

April 29 - May 5, 2013

Raji Monisha

Yaya Mayaya to the city I have come to love, thanks to Hindi movies.

The sun, sand, the jade green sea, ooh!l ah! lah! music, spirits flowing free, parties and just letting yourself go.  I have never ever questioned Bollywood’s authority on Goa.  A town that teenagers escape to, party-goers love and mothers hate- Baazigar Goa has always fascinated me with its beaches, booze, bikinis, thugs, drugs, mean streets and cold-blooded murders.  Goa, Goa Gone.

Goans to me could be people straight off the Irish Coast, true-blue small towners.  Everyone knows everybody and their Eduardo, and interfere in each others business.

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