21 - Mar - 2019
End of the Ethnic Goan

End of the Ethnic Goan - 1

Because of the wealthy non-Goan or ‘outsider’ no Goan village is as it was two decades ago. In bigger towns too like Vasco, Margao, Panjim, except (mercifully) in the odd old quarter of town where landholdings are just too tiny to interest greedy developers. Non-Goan builders even hire non-Goan architects which has a cascading effect. The old Goan way of life is fast deteriorating any way you look at it.
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Vice Prez on Paraguay, Costa Rica junket

Spirited Choice

Carrot cake

Melt in the Mouth Goodies

"The nice thing about Fresh Bakes is that it’s a family run modest place whose USP is in the product whether it is cakes or biscuits, not the hype associated with many bakeries. The proof of the pudding is literally in the eating."

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SUSEGAD – Goas fragrance

SUSEGAD – Goa’s fragrance

"Crescent claims its products contain a significant percentage of natural aroma ingredients and natural essential oils manufactured in-house. Susegad air fresheners come in nine fragrances while the fragrance oil range includes 12 multipurpose fragrance oils."

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 Bakri Made In Heaven

Bakri Made In Heaven

"And if you know of a better place, do let us know. Goanspirit will take up the challenge."

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Goan Spirit Still Alive And Kicking

"Then ultimately, we got help from a mobile booster (paying more than half a lakh) which ramped up our signals and the internet was back on track."

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