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The ‘Kala’ of money

This government as I said before has a compulsive obsession with building massive buildings like Ravindra Bhavans and Kala Bhavans.  Its stated policy is that these edifices are built when people want them, only then.  That’s a lie. 

And culture vultures we are not.  The things we want, we don’t get, garbage clearance being just one in a growing list of To Do’s.  The government had approved Ravindra Bhavans/mini Kala Bhavans for Sanquelim, Mormugao, Pernem, Mapusa, Canacona and Valpoi.  Which means your wish list (even Bucket List) won’t fructify even into the next decade.  Because all your tax bucks are poured like concrete into making Goa a bhavan haven.  The tally so far; the Ravindra Bhavan at Curchorem, the Rajiv Gandhi Kala Mandir at Ponda and the Ravindra Bhavan at Margao have been constructed.  The Ravindra Bhavan at Sanquelim and the Ravindra Bhavan at Baina in Vasco da Gama and the Ravindra Bhavan on the Verna-Dabolim bypass are under construction.


…And it’s Green

The cost of the newly installed sound system at the Ravindra Bhavan in Margao is – believe it or not – Rs 54,95,692.  Bad news, I know.  It gets worse.  The amount spent on the old sound system was Rs 24,06,325.  That’s Rs 79,02,017 only to make loud sounds.  It cost you and I Rs 38,52,800 to replace the chairs.  The total cost on capital expenditure incurred till this year was Rs 25,63,74,861.  The cost of maintenance incurred since its inauguration was Rs 26,93,537.  Any of those two tabs could have been spent to beautify the entire village you live in for posterity.  You could get a doctorate if you investigated the repairs that have been carried out to the south west walls and the ceiling of the foyer area of the main building.  When last heard of, the Public Works Department (PWD) was asked to recover the cost of the work from the contractor.  Add that to your thesis.  It’s that same PWD that can’t get its contractors who are supposed to build decent roads.  Finally, be advised that the Margao bhavan was partly constructed on Communidade land that was acquired by the government for probably peanuts.  And the point-man honcho-in-charge is Chief Minister Digambar Kamat who is also the Art & Culture minister.

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