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Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

Fly Robin Fly

 The following are some hard facts I could manage to research on the cost of flying our montris around over a limited period only. But it proves that flying is a passion with them just as dining out was.

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Around The World In 365 Days -6

Mumbai's frequent fliers

Ramkrishna Dhavlikar flying so frequently to Mumbai is intriguing.  He flew to Mumbai with the resolve of a homing pigeon, often for short stays of 36 hours which given the time it takes to drive to and from airports in India’s metros like Mumbai and Chennai, makes it even more intriguing.  Factor in office timings and commuting within these metros, would leave him with not much time to perform his duties.  That's why I said his Mumbai trips are fascinating.

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Around The World In 365 Days –3

More on the Goa Flying circus

 They must have flown to Dilli many more times than you went to the Kesarval spring for that special bath or to Baga for that matter on a picnic in a lifetime of trying to do so amidst your busy schedules and trying to make two ends meet.  Certainly there is ample evidence of that.  Some politicians might have achieved that in a year of flying to the capital on missions where they are only looking for mercy themselves.  They certainly flew so fast and furiously to be on name-knowing terms with most airline crews!

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Around The World In 365 Days –4

They Fly and How

 Do you not wish each time you read this column that Delhi and Mumbai were just around the corner say like Hubli and Dharwad?  That way Goa could have saved crores of your precious tax money because it would cost a lot less to transport our new rulers.  Perhaps it would have been even better if Goa were Greater NOIDA (a wee bit outside Delhi) instead, and therefore your politicians would simply have to drive the short distance to Delhi.  But then, Mumbai would still be a great distance away.  Moral of the lesson: it is going to be a lose, lose situation, always.  They just can’t resist the temptation to fly ether in or out of the country.  Wishful thinking of course.

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Goa’s flying circus is back

Around The World In 365 Days -2

 If you remember this column of March 10, 2008 titled ‘Around The World In 365 days’ you would recall that Dayanand Narvekar spent Rs 14,94,884 of your precious tax money flying to Mumbai and Delhi. That was from February 2, 2000 to March 3, 2007, the time frame I researched.  Wobbly with trying to keep up with Goa’s Flying Circus, I took a vacation on terra firma, if you please.  I wrote then that in 2007 Narvekar flew 20 times, that’s 20 flights in 12 months.  Catch up now with Francisco Sardinha who logged on recently with his gaffe per month.

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